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The latest sian cheer enterprise ever since that time established in 1997, has been fighting the design and innovation that the Jing Jing is absorbed in computer machine hull, have been persisting in the creation"have life, have a personality and have a color" of computer machine hull.

The latest sian cheer enterprise ever since that time established in 1997, has been fighting the design and innovation that the Jing Jing is absorbed in computer machine hull, have been persisting in the creation"have life, have a personality and have a color" of computer machine hull.

In order to continuously developing computer machine hull of different structure, different appearance, dissimilarity of spray paint processing, light effect ….Etc., activated the space of computer machine hull, also enriched the unusual feeling of vision, gave the computer machine the hull new personality, new vitality, changed a consumer in the past to the PC not smooth and monotonous gray predestination.At DIY market, because the thoroughfare business, trader and manufacturing produce a system business, under the mutual close concert, so creating a shape is the most, color most, have the steady-going reputation of flexibility most , and satisfy to consume the need of the self personality of the market.

So we also under the such conviction, continuously creation, change, and is endless, the huge round in times has been rolling over, we develop of footstep also never slightly Xie, each time at that time

March, 2010 "The sparrow changes Phoenix" is overall to evolve again, small sparrow machine hull from announce, is a small DIY machine hull in the middle, develop the most dollar category, also the most popular, most candidates choose of Mini Itx thin type machine hull.But some users think that"small sparrow" machine hull is just primer machine, without some equiptments.Hence we this year again all-new develop "small Phoenix" of machine hull, the texture does more delicately, all UV scopes roast a lacquer, power supply also promotes, inside pack to read a card machine, the power cord no longer bares in the outside, more beautiful, the color is also more diversified, having white, champagne and pink can select and also really make"the sparrow changes Phoenix" evolved again to arrive more perfect realm.
2010 Then connecting again fierce weigh a gold development again to create Gaming Case with the consummate and excellent craft the machine hull of 9000 serieses"Norway forest" and"black forest"s.The cotter pays>4 white light fans strengthen heat dissipation, the fan cover can easily dismantle to pack to clean, the internal space is spacious, can satisfy high carry various lengthened display card on the market, all can install, and the cotter of writer, hard drive paid locations to all add a quakeproof mat set, the screw cotter used a stairs type paid and reached the stability of system and reached to reduce the effect that the earthquake avoids an earthquake.
2009 Lately develop a thin type of light, thin, short and small"small sparrow" series machine hull, the panel adopts UV>draw to pack, do totem by flower and grass, the lines is beautiful and smooth and extremely keen and match MICRO>power supply, mother board, this machine hull be regarded as at DIY market, standardize most , is a least is also enlarge the best machine hull in sex, although the sparrow is small, the five internal organs is complete.
2008 More erection type machine hull the miniaturization develop to arrive thoroughly and announce the hull of the V12 series machine, this style of machine hull is a new generation two big three small new structures of the types of the minis erections, the dimension Nong Xian matches a degree, the most perfect gold ratio, structure hard, price also the civilian turn and adopt lightly, Qiao, small design standpoint, made a show of the figure of lovely lightness, this the machine hull also make the industry vied with each other in the object that copies learning
2007 "Candy stick" machine hull, adopt strong metal net 12 cms transparent blue glow fan on the panel, 12 cm fan, and the side board 25 cms transparent and blue gale, in addition to increasing heat dissipation, and can generate another visual effect, the its popular degree has been standing erect Shuai don't currently arrive still customer designation computer, there is still after"donut", "candy floss" machine hull.
2006 "The card earth is second" machine hull, each front and back fan with a 12 cm, the side board uses transparent acryl and plus a 12 cms red, blue, green and yellow 4 color optics fan, the shape is cool, the heat dissipation effect is good, increase firm more, besides which, interest, immediately after still have "chocolate", "the horizon" machine hull.
2005 The last Qi createds small machine hull of the type of the physical volume erection and roast high UV 3 F scope lacquer, the adoption pink, aquamarine blue color creates different texture, ROMEO and JULIA cause a tornado on the market.
In 2004 "Red dragonfly" machine hull, the panel adopts transparent boldly the red match black, large LCD LCD screen, match red to carry on the back only, be namely unveiled to stand together for the first time vision of attracting the consumer group.In order to letting the consumer be able to is clear at a glance, the supervision computer operates, and reminds your computer condition in good time, is most a SMART computer.The corresponding period lately announced "small gold is just" to signed, lie a thin type of two uses type machine hull, because the physical volume is small and assembled structure convenience, whole dismantle to unload a construction well behind fix a screw again.Close behind INTEL initiates 38 ? side board 3 Gses to lead a breeze tube, we also respond market pulsation and immediately announce 38 ? "check a reason king", "voyage king"'s two styles of machine hulls in response to the city.
2004 beginning of years Not only emphasize a panel cool light, but also plus transparent side board color optics fan and the panel aluminium material method wire transaction, pull a design, its representative is "optics of torch", "the chess works properly a king" and"beautiful joy Di".
2003 Increase according to the user of USB Fu, the panel emphasizes cool light variety, and opens a computer for the sake of the convenience and place power switch and 4 sets of USB Fus in above, the second half department cool light changes, its representative is "fire Long Ku", "ice scope lake".
2002 Up innovated at the panel stereoscopic transparent acryl cover, on the structure, simple quickly install, have formula for incantation more:A pull two to lift three to let go of.Quickly dismantle to unload side board for three seconds, period"water is all", "dragon knight" and"Apollo" is taken delights in talking about by consumer